Avalanche the Architect – The Dawn of Justice in the Canadian Justice System

Avalanche The Architect, a rapper based in Canada, is the voice of the voiceless and the dawn of justice, peace and equality for humanity in Canada and people around the world.

Avalanche The Architect, a Canadian citizen from New York City known for his extraordinary rap skills and talent. Avalanche The architect has been the victim of false allegations and racial bias in the Canadian justice system and is now fighting head-on like a true lion. Avalanche the Architect faced brutal racial bias in the Canadian justice system during the lawsuit, a judge named Michael Quigley made racist comments against Avalanche the Architect.

In this case, Avalanche the Architect was accused of the lyrics he used in a rap song. Crown prosecutor named Henry Poon destroyed evidence to secure a conviction against Avalanche. Avalanche The Architect was racially discriminated against by the legal system throughout his adult life and into his early teens, but he fought back.

Just based on his skin color and race, Avalanche the Architect has walked through racial inequality. Avalanche the Architect has portrayed the theme of inequality, racial injustice and the brutal justice system through his rap music and is now becoming a voice of the voiceless and fighting for black rights.

Avalanche The Architect is not only raising his voice against the false claims and racial bias he has faced in the Canadian system, but has also raised his voice for the Black Lives Matter campaign across the globe.

As a renowned hip-hop celebrity and rap artist, Avalanche The Architect also does hands-on work locally. Avalanche the architect, while fighting for social justice, has launched a new line of martial arts clothing to help fund his fight for social justice. Its objective is to encourage athletics among young people. Avalanche the architect is also working on an animated martial arts series that will help and encourage young people. Avalanche The Architect in his spare time teaches self-defense at the skin rape crisis center. Avalanche the architect has opened his own martial arts gym. Avalanche has been a strong advocate for social justice reform and has raised his voice singing Hip Hop songs, music and martial arts UFC style fights and has been particularly supportive of the Black Lives Matter video cause .

To learn more, please visit AvalancheTheArchitect.com. Support Avalanche The Architect in the fight for equality today.

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