Judicial review of IOPC Fund’s decision not to investigate witness’s perjury

My name is Paul Ponting and I was the victim of a malicious police pursuit. I was acquitted of all charges and successfully sued Lancashire Police for their malicious pursuit of me.

During the accusation, a police witness and proven police informant lied under oath about his status as an informant, which was important to the proceedings. Evidence that he is or was an informant is available is a recorded phone call with the police.

Lancashire Police refused to investigate the reported offense and it is believed to be because the suspect was an informant. The IOPC Fund has not confirmed this refusal by the police to investigate a very serious offense of perjury.

A district judge reviewed the case and confirmed that the criminal offense of perjury was ‘prima facie obvious‘. This means that the courts have commented that the offense of perjury was committed, even so, the police ignored this comment from the judge.

The problem is that Lancashire Police are still refusing to investigate this offence, so a judicial review is needed to challenge their decision.

I am seeking to raise £4,000 + VAT to pursue a judicial review of the IOPC Fund’s decision not to lead an investigation.

If the judicial review is successful, the decision will be overturned and a new decision will have to be made regarding the investigation into the criminal conduct of the police witness.