Judicial review of Spirax Sarco’s planning permission.

We are a local group of residents concerned about the way Cheltenham Borough Council handled the recent Spirax Sarco – Charlton house planning case.

We believe the council failed to follow correct procedure, withhold evidence, ignore other evidence and fail to meaningfully engage with the local community. In doing so, the council established the conditions for judicial review in the High Court. Indeed, the High Court is the only way to quash the claim and force the council to meet its statutory obligations.

This is an opportunity to bring the entire application and design back to the planning stage and preferably reduce the size of the proposed building to a more appropriate level.

We take a modular approach to the process to ensure that each step is appropriate and to minimize cost and risk.

At this stage there is no risk, we are seeking advice from legal counsel on the merits of our case, assuming the advice indicates a very high probability of success, the next step will be the issuance of a PAP letter that puts the board and Spirax on notice.

The time scales are tight. There is a deadline to submit to the tribunal de grande instance 6 weeks after the issuance of the authorization.

The Spirax building is huge, designed to dominate the neighborhood; apparently to provide an impressive entry into Cheltenham. It does so at the expense of the community that lives here.

We are collecting £5,000 to cover the cost of the case review/advice and need your help to bring this to an end.

Thank you for reading this and thank you very much for contributing to this effort to protect our community.