Judicial review of the Planning Permit Spirax Sarco

headernavWe have now taken advice from legal counsel regarding whether we need to seek judicial review of the decision to grant planning permission to Spirax Sarco/nav

In summary, there are two grounds for requesting a review. The first is that the officers erred in law in their treatment of the impact of the demand on the highway. The second concerns the lack of consideration given to the impact on a neighboring Grade 2 listed building (Langton Lodge)

This is an opportunity to bring the entire application and design back to the planning stage and preferably reduce the size of the proposed building to a more appropriate level.

We take a modular approach to the process to ensure that each step is appropriate and to minimize cost and risk.

At this stage there is no risk, we are looking to fund a Pre-Application Protocol (PAP) letter outlining the position to the Board and then legal advice on the response to that letter.

We have a target of £3,600 to produce and serve the pre-application protocol and a stretch target of £5,000 which would also cover the cost of advice arising from responses to the PAP.

The time scales are tight.

The Spirax building is huge, designed to dominate the neighborhood; apparently to provide an impressive entry into Cheltenham. It does so at the expense of the community that lives here.

Thank you for reading this and thank you very much for contributing to this effort to protect our community.