Mantashe to take Zondo’s report on judicial review

Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe has announced that he will submit the report of the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture Allegations for judicial review, after being singled out as the one of many ANC members who irregularly benefited from Bosasa’s largesse.

On Tuesday evening, the third part of Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo’s report, which was delivered to President Cyril Ramaphosa, recommended that Mantashe be questioned on corruption charges after receiving free security facilities from facilities management company Bosasa. .

The report reads: “…in the circumstances, there is a reasonable possibility that further investigation will reveal a prima facie case against Mantashe with respect to the bribery offence.

“There are reasonable grounds to suspect that Mantashe accepted or agreed to accept the gratuity.”

Mantashe, however, said the commission should be held accountable when it made “tactical errors”.

“You can’t have a judicial process that makes assumptions. This needs to be reviewed, as it creates the case from assumptions, not facts,” Mantashe said.

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“I will review it. This is the decision I made.

“This commission has made a lot of assumptions that are not based on facts or interviews. We have taken time and gone to the Commission, but the Commission does not make decisions in the best interest of the evidence provided, in fact, it discredits the evidence.

He said he made this decision because, “I came to the commission in good faith, confident that the commission was a necessary process for the party and the country in the fight against corruption.”

Mantashe testified on March 19, 2021 regarding Bosasa and also filed two affidavits dated March 8, 2019 and June 18, 2019 – both regarding Bosasa.

The state capture commission chairman found in his latest report that Mantashe, along with others, had benefited from the company in the form of security improvements at his properties in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.

Mantashe admitted that security upgrades had been installed at his properties, but disputed that there was anything untoward about the facilities, which had been arranged between his security adviser and Bosasa manager Papa Leshabane. .

He also maintained that it was not done as a means of soliciting favors from him, contesting that he was in a position to influence an official in such a position.