Mississippi legislature seeks to ease criminal justice system in Jackson

Temporary assistant district attorneys and judges are chosen to help streamline the court process in Mississippi’s capital. Hinds County’s court system has been overwhelmed in recent years, with the pandemic exacerbating that strain. Authorities estimate that there are more than 2,200 ongoing cases. Jackson Police Chief John Davis said the city has limited space for those awaiting trial.

Chief Davis said: “It would be great to have additional judges to pursue some of these cases. Because here in Jackson, we come across a lot of repeat offenders. People who should have been in jail, but are still terrorizing the city. »

The Legislature is also investing in the State Capitol Police force to expand its presence in the city’s Capitol District. Sen. John Horhn of Jackson says it will show residents that the state is working to address the problem, but says there’s still work to be done to tackle the root causes of crime.

“Well, at the heart of it all is poverty. Above all, we must give hope to the people of this city,” said Senator Horhn. “I hope their lives and conditions will improve. And the way you do that is to provide resources, training, education, opportunities, things to do for young people.

Officials say they are also working on a plan to build a new prison in Jackson to potentially house more inmates.