PH justice system ‘broken in spirit, soulless’

Detained Senator Leila de Lima argued that the Philippine justice system is “broken” and that no amount of censorship by the courts or anyone else could change such a fact.

De Lima, represented by her Deputy Chief of Staff Catherine Sy, gave a presentation entitled “Modernizing Criminal Law by Updating Our Approach to Criminal Behavior: Taking the Path of Transformative Justice”, at the Sixth Hispano-Philippine Scientific Congress which took place held at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman, Quezon City on June 10th.

The senator said she feels that none of the necessary and urgent criminal law reforms have been instituted because of people’s tendency to view defendants as “no longer fully human and, therefore, undeserving.” full respect for their humanity and their rights.”

“Our criminal justice system is broken not only in the ‘how’ but also in the ‘why’. If it was a person, the criminal justice system is not just broken in his body, he’s broken in his spirit. I’d go so far as to say he’s missing a soul,” she said.

“It’s moving, but never towards something productive. It moves just to be able to say that it moves. A zombie in the legal world,” De Lima said.

The event, titled “Sixth Spanish-Philippine Scientific Congress: Modernizing Criminal Law and Private Law”, brought together professors, scholars, members of the Philippine judiciary and experts from European and Philippine universities to share their knowledge. to modernize the country’s legal codes.