Planning Tribunal dismisses application for judicial review of permission to redevelop former brewery site in Brick Lane

A Planning Court judge has dismissed a legal challenge to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets granting planning permission for the redevelopment of part of the site of a former brewery.

The council had granted permission on 10 November 2021 to Old Truman Brewery Limited, the interested party, for the redevelopment of the Old Truman Brewery site at Brick Lane and Woodseer Street, London E1.

The granting of planning permission follows a resolution of the local authority’s development committee at its meeting on September 14, 2021.

The plaintiff, the Spitalfields Historic Buildings Trust, argued that the decision was unlawful for three reasons, in summary:

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  • exclusion of members of the Voting Committee;
  • ban on speaking in public at the September meeting; and
  • failure to take into account relevant policies in a draft neighborhood plan.

In Spitalfields Historic Building Trust, R (at the request of) v London Borough of Tower Hamlets [2022] EWHC 2262 (Admin) Judge Morris dismissed the application on each of the three grounds.