Rape survivor calls on Holyrood to make changes to Scotland’s justice system

The Holyrood Justice Committee took testimony from the woman, whose name has not been made public. She was referred to as a “survivor” in committee business.

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She said: “Not only is it an outdated and misogynistic system, it’s monumental crap and a disgrace to Scotland.

“Lives are being ruined and it’s obvious they’ve barely been considered.

“This is an emergency and urgent and drastic reform is needed.”

She described how it took three years for the man accused of raping her to be brought to justice. The jury ultimately returned a verdict of not proven.

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Edinburgh High Court of Justice.

The survivor said: “I have nothing left, only trauma to show and no closure or trust in the world or faith in humanity.

She said that to move on, she needed a trial transcript, which she had trouble getting.

His written submission said: ‘I have been going around in circles trying to find it and only once did I manage to speak to the correct department, who told me I would have to pay £3,000-4,000 and that they would send me the forms. I never received the forms and I don’t have that amount of money.

The Justice Committee also heard from the survivor in person in a private session.

Tory MP Russell Findlay said: ‘I’ve tried to get court transcripts before and it’s not easy, if not impossible.

“I’m not surprised at the survivor’s experience. I wonder if this isn’t designed to be easy, as I see no reason why transcripts shouldn’t be available. »

Fellow Tory Jamie Greene said: ‘The idea that a victim has to pay £3,000 or £4,000 to gain access to records…it’s utterly ridiculous.’

Committee chair Audrey Nicoll said the panel would consider suggestions about fees charged to access court records, adding that it would be raised with Scotland’s most senior judge.

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