Stillwater teenager convicted of manslaughter faces judicial review | News

A Stillwater teenager who pleaded guilty to manslaughter has an upcoming judicial review.

Coryon Thomas reached a plea deal in March just ahead of a scheduled jury trial on a first-degree murder charge.

Thomas, convicted of the fatal shooting of Mandrale Alexander Henry in 2019, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Thomas is in Lawton Correctional Institution.

He is represented by attorney Virginia Banks, who told Judge Stephen Kistler during sentencing that her client was 17 at the time of the shooting and did not think like a mature adult.

According to the Oklahoma State Court Network website, Thomas has sought judicial review. In the motion, it says Thomas said he had time to think about his “choice(s)” he had over everyone around him. He took parenting classes and nearly completed an associate’s degree in theology.

The OSCN does not say whether Thomas will be flown to Payne County for the hearing, but it is set for Tuesday at 10 a.m. before Kistler.

Mulhall man charged with multiple crimes against children, returns to court

Erick Roy Hale, 34, has three cases pending against him, ranging from child sexual abuse to child abuse.

He was charged with a total of eight child abuse charges and two child sexual abuse charges between the three cases.

According to the OSCN, the state amended the charges to reflect the evidence presented at the preliminary hearing.

Hale had to be brought to trial after the judge found probable cause that Hale committed the crimes.

He will appear before Kistler on Tuesday morning.

Stillwater man charged with rape back in court

Edward Lockwood was charged with rape by instrumentality in 2021. Stillwater police arrested him after a friend accused him of assaulting her while she slept.

According to the arrest affidavit, Lockwood admitted to police that he “did something wrong.”

Lockwood has been held in Payne County Jail since his arrest in August on bail set at $50,000. Court-appointed attorney Sarah Kennedy represents him.

At his preliminary hearing this month, the judge determined that a felony had been committed and that Lockwood had committed the crime of instrumental rape.

He was bound for a trial court arraignment and is expected to appear before Kistler for a district court arraignment.

Cushing man charged with possession of child pornography returns for pretrial

Matthew James Albright, 26, was arrested after turning himself in to the Cushing Police Department to report that his phone had been hacked.

According to earlier News Press reports, Albright told police his phone was hacked after his roommate found pornographic images of children on his phone.

Albright waived his right to a preliminary inquiry and was sentenced to arraignment in the trial court.